Time to take a backseat

When is the right time to take a back seat in your career? Sounds strange, isn’t it. But at some point in life, we all end up asking such questions. This, in fact, is the exact time to take a step back. If your b career is running high, but there are no visible difference in the career graph  or you are simply running hard round-the-mill, hitting against a wall that refuses to budge, it is time to introspect and take a back seat for the time being. It’s the need of the hour, when you start feeling low in your career in spite of giving hundred per cent to the job you are in. At times in order to take a step forward in your life, you need to first take a step back. This does not mean that you have failed it simply means that it’s time to reevaluate and check if things are still working out or not. No matter how strange it  sounds, it sometimes become necessary for your personal growth. Here are a few points that can guide one to take a back seat:


Pull back: Many miss the fact that you cannot have a career of your choice unless you want to have one. Sounds simple, but it isn’t so. To make such choice, one needs to gear up, take a stand and follow a certain direction. Without making up your mind, the intention behind taking a step back will not prove right. Since you have worked hard at work, make up your mind that it’s time to take a break. So, just pull back for a change.

Go for “Be” instead of “Do”: Everyone at work place is a doer. But at times doing gets tough, it takes away your maximum time and hardly gives you the time to “be” yourself. Here “doing” over powers the “being” in you. So you need to take a step back to search the person in you, the “be” factor instead of what you prove doing everyday, the “do” factor.

High time, start thinking: The general human tendency is to not think so much. What we have been given is the work to be done. But my dear friends, it’s time, high time, that you should start thinking. As thoughts give clarity to your mind, it’s time to channelize your thoughts about your needs in life. Is it only about do-the list or do what you love to do. And when you start thinking, what is important for you, comes out. It brings out the person within you, who can choose the right thing for you.

Objective re-chosen: While reaching out for goals and achievements and chasing them, we tend to lose the desire, the force within. The targets that we want to follow and aspire to fulfill, turns into a burden, a compulsion, which indicates that it’s time to reconnect with your own desires in life and not just the points mentioned above.

Remember as to why you had chosen a particular career. Why you are losing the energy, the charm in doing the work once chosen by you? Did it inspire you in some way or the other?

If, your conscious says yes, recall how you were confident, all keyed up and hopeful. Once again, strike into that mode making full use of it to get back on the track. It will help you in getting back on the career front in a more focal, soother and authoritative way. If you felt you are forced to do a work, you had not chosen to do so; it will help re-evaluate your choice. So my dear friends make your aims and chose your goals in life, not because they are now a part of your career, but because they are important to you and it does mean a lot to you. When you have just one life to live, it’s time to take a back seat, step back, and reassess to set you career on track. As Abraham Lincoln truly quoted, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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