Let’s go the T and D Way !

In this world of competition, the term Training and Development (T&D) has emerged professionally and is playing a vital role globally. It is a process to enhance and improve the human resources of a company.

T&D is a part of management activity, and brings out the best from the rest. The betterment of an individual or group of employees helps organization rebuild, reorganize. It also helps employees to get in-house promotions, internally to be precise.

In earlier days, many firms use to consider T&D an expensive affair, but with the, passing, time and changing scenario, they have also accepted the necessary `facts’ of it. Many such employees who were considered rust, a burden for the employer, are now the best productive employee of the organization.

This is possible only after going through the classes of T&D. In a way it has become a retention tool too. In the segment of Power, Cement, Third Party Inspection, Quality, IT, Design are some good examples of T&D. They hire fresher’s, technical staffs and put them on bench for T&D before placing and assigning them work. They even hire separate trainers to T&D. The employees are also aware of the fact that T&D are meant not just for the betterment of the organization, but also helps them in overall development of ,the persona. It also inculcates the sense of team work and team spirit. Apart from companies providing such trainings, people are also going for various professional training courses before they take a plunge into the job market. They say learning is a never-ending process. Rightly said, the more you learn, the better you become. Professional training courses help in confidence building along with base formation. It continues to upgrade individuals from time to time. It aims you to recognize your strength and weaknesses. These trainings are not of ‘long durations, but are meant to be finished in six months or a year. Given the fact, these courses do not help the new aspirants, but also the working professionals, who can also take advantage of it.

With the changing scene globally, it’s the IT industry that has taken a boom and has helped many professionals, natiulional. They actually get the feel of real world, by getting on-field training by professional IT courses. This way the new entrant gets acquainted with the working system of the company. And it’s actually the experts from the industries, who help train them.

Many companies also desire to hire professionals from such institutes. The reason being very simple, it curtails the T&D expenditures. In fact, companies hire such training institutes, to train their existing force. Institutes having their own professional training courses also have their own placement cells. Such courses help in creating a better corporate image.

The most important aspect for an individual is to list out the professional courses before opting for a course that is suitable for you. Accordingly, update and pursue the advanced training courses offered by the professional training institutes. As the verifying job trends have made T&D a necessity. Hence one has to be on guard before opting for a particular training course. There are various T&D methods like on-the-job training, informal training, classroom training, internal training courses, external training courses, on-the-job coaching, mentoring, training assignments and tasks, skills training, product training, technical training, behavioral development training,. attitudinal training and development, accredited training and learning, distance learning – all part of the training menu, available to use and apply according to individual training needs and organizational training needs.

But the hard core reality is that even T&D cannot bring an overall change in a professional who has been working for years in an orthodox way. So, T&D should not be just skill-oriented, but a complete development of a person, instead. These trainings should be beyond the traditional way; it should enable learning, smooth the progress of meaningful personal development and should help professional’s to identify and help achieve their individual potentials. At the end, the result is going to be sweet and fruitful for the organization. So, almost every individual, general or technical, should go for an hands-on experience only after attaining such T&D sessions. It will be beneficiary for the company and for professional at large.


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